Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who Cares?

First off, whether it be the city or the county, I appreciate the response to my last blog about washboard roads near Cambridge. Now I know it's not likely that anyone actually read my blog about he washboard area, but I like to think that I facilitated the road grader smoothing the road.

Which kind brings me to today's blog...

Does anybody ever read this stuff or am I just rambling along wasting Internet bandwidth and computer storage space? I guess I'm surprised nobody has commented to any of the blogs on the Clarion web sight other than me, so I am now thinking that I am the only one spending any time here at all... true?

If you read this blog, how about making a comment that you read it... I could care less that you agree or not, but I don't want to continue to write a blog here if nobody is reading it either.

Thanks for your response!