Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Compared to...

I just returned from a trip to the Puget Sound area of Washington state, and the weather was about as nice as you could ever hope for there. Those of you familiar with the eastern side of the Cascade mountain range know that rain, gloom, and more rain is normal this time of year, but this years weather pattern has dealt well below normal rainfall, and well above average sunshine.

On the other hand, our place on Road 409 a bit north of town has received a little over 1.66 inches of rain since I got home night before last. The county road is the muddiest I've seen since we moved here just over two years ago, and taking a walk around our place found me sinking a couple inches into the mud with every step. I heard we had a half inch of rain before I got home, so a couple inches of rain in just over 2 days is sure soaking everything in sight.

When I think back to the spring rains in Colorado territory I had to work in as a telephone installer, I recall the goo type clay that would build up on my boots in the new construction areas I often worked. That clay would build up a good inch thick around and under the sole of my boots adding three or four pounds to each boot. The mud here doesn't stick when you sink in... I just leave a footprint where the mud gets displaced and keep on walking.

I suppose some folks don't care too much for the muddy roads we can get around here now and then. I know Margie doesn't exactly enjoy navigating to town when it gets like this. But compared to the super slab freeways I've been on lately with all the traffic and congestion, I'll take these muddy country roads any day.

Not only do we have muddy roads here, but the people that drive them wave. Try waving at drivers in the northwest, and they might think you're making an obscene gesture and start up a case of road rage at worst, or just look at you like you are crazy at least.

We are often asked how we got here since we don't have any family or friends in the area. All I can say is, compared to anywhere we've been, this is the best place we can be.

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