Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This time of year sure shows where the weak spots are in our highways and roads. Our recent trip to Omaha reminded me of how bad things can get. Omaha's streets are full of potholes, and big ones at that. A short drive around town and if there is much traffic around, you will find it impossible to miss all the potholes Omaha has to offer.

Cambridge streets seem to be in great shape, that is except for a couple blocks of gravel heading north of town on road 409 going past the west side of the golf course. I don't know if the county maintains that first 1/4 mile north of town heading to the dump or not, but with the snow, thawing, cold, thaw and heavy traffic, washboard is a mild description for the surface condition.

Though I dislike that 1/4 mile of washboard, I'll take it anyday over the crowded and pothole infested streets of Omaha! Getting out of the local area gives us a great reminder why we decided to settle here... washboard and all.

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