Monday, January 4, 2010

High Speed

I see that Pinpoint has wrapped up their fiber optic cable project here in Cambridge so as a former phone company employee, I just can't resist making a comment...

DSL internet service has been available for folks in Cambridge for at least two years and more likely closer to 7 to 10 years, though I can only vouch for the last 2. I've worked with DSL as a phone company employee, and tried using it for internet access as a subscriber when we lived in Colorado, and as far as I'm concerned, the service was expensive and didn't deliver consistent reliable speeds. My limited experience with DSL in Cambridge is that it is reliable, but not particularly fast.

Since we moved to Nebraska, I considered myself fortunate that I had access to a great wireless a internet connection provided by Arapahoe Telephone Company that was much faster than DSL at a better price. I am as you may have guessed, a heavy Internet user, and service speed and reliability are as important to me as a tractor is to a farmer.

Now another option for high speed is the new fiber optics provided by the phone company, and if the hype I've read about other fiber internet providers holds true for Pinpoint, folks should be very satisfied with the speed of their hookup.

Since I have not seen the rates that will be charged by Pinpoint for their new high speed service, I can only guess that they will be higher than the rate for DSL high speed service they currently offer. I'm pretty sure Pinpoint will charge as much as the market will bear for the new service as they want and need to recover as much of their construction costs as quickly as possible.

My advice... shop around before pumping your greenbacks into any new service. There are wireless options available from providers like Arapahoe Telephone Company and Verizon that may offer you the best bang for your buck.

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