Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just Another Business Decision

The front page news about Duckwall-ALCO Stores, Inc. closing their Duckwall's stores is a fine example of a corporation trying to do what they do best... make money.

I have no idea how much sales tax is generated by Duckwall's in Cambridge, but I'd guess it is a substantial amount. Oh well, Duckwall's has no reason to care about the town of Cambridge... after all, "Customers of a number of the Duckwall stores will find broad line ALCO stores located within driving distance." Well now, I bet that is comforting for the 5 folks that will soon be unemployed at our towns Duckwalls. My mother, who doesn't drive and has no car has walked to Duckwall's. Now for her, "driving distance" is as close as the moon.

Well, I suppose that is the American way anymore. According to the Clarion news article, the ALCO CEO stated "These stores account for only 3.9% of sales and little or no profit.". That statement alone to me says ALCO doesn't care at all about anything but money. The fact that only 3.9% of sales was generated, the sales did not mean a loss to the bottom line based on the CEO's own statement.

OK, so it costs more to operate these small variety stores in the more remote locations and I appreciate that, especially with our nationwide down economy. The fact that the town supported Duckwall's though and kept 5 people working, generating state and federal income tax funding, sales tax revenue for the town, and it didn't cost the company anything should be the emphasis for ALCO.

Instead, ALCO chooses to leave many small towns with a big retail sales hole, unemployed folks, reduced tax revenues, and they expect us to be happy that there is an ALCO store within driving distance???

GO POUND SAND ALCO as far as I'm concerned. Other than visiting the Duckwall's in Cambridge until it is closed, I will never set foot in any ALCO store!!! I will spread as much ill-will about your company as good-will you pulled from our town with your business decision that profit is more important than people and communities.


  1. From a business point of view, if Duckwalls was not showing any 'profit,' then it must be closed (sound business logic), but if it was showing profit, even if it isn't a great profit, then Alco, has made a big mistake, for even that slight profit, from a number of newly closed stores adds up to a large loss of revenue.
    Arley Steinhour

    As stated in the article, the loss of the store will have a severe affect upon the older citizens, who do not jump in their car and drive everywhere.

    I fear the times are changing, now to a point that small towns will necessarily get smaller, due to the loss of community participation in the community.

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